We know all the basic things about all the American presidents: their complete names, their family, hometowns, achievements, and so on. But there are some things that we do not know because we do not hear about them every day, not even in the news channels that routinely dish out one issue to another about our past and present presidents.

First fact: Most of our presidents belonged to the 50 to 59 age group at the time that they were elected into office. The late Ronald Reagan was the oldest to be elected as he was 69 years old when he took the oath. The charismatic John F. Kennedy was the youngest at 43 years old.

Franklin D. Roosevelt is the only one who was elected to four terms, while 12 presidents were elected for two terms.

After William McKinley was assassinated, Theodore Roosevelt, then 42 years old, took over the presidency. He remains the youngest man to serve as president.

Finally, a president serves only 10 years in the office, can be elected two full terms, but can be given additional two years if he secures the presidency through the order of succession.